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Zincat Technologies is a Sri Lanka based multi–channel application development platform provider company. Zincat has a network of operations across Singapore and Thailand. Our objective for Zincat is to ensure we provide our tried and tested products and services which have been successfully.....

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Our Commitment

We are committed to compliance with requirements that relate to our business. We will set and review objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement in our management system.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment extends beyond customer satisfaction. We will also strive to do everything right the first time and do our best to continuously improve. Improving our process efficiency and effectiveness is a primary importance to us as a business entity.

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Experience Means Quality

Our quality system is the result of our experience in supplying diverse industries. We work to consider the key quality system drivers and functions from each area in order to build a system to meet the requirements of our customers.


Our services include custom Web Designing & Development, Web Hosting, Software Implementation and Project Assistance.

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POS System

It is the most advanced POS software, and it can be run with the widest range of POS hardware. Our compatibility with Windows PC and Android devices means more choices, more features, and lower hardware prices. You can use your own compatible hardware, or get tremendous deals on our wide range of devices including Touch Screen POS Terminals, Receipt Printers, Secure Cash Drawers and much more.

ERP System

We provide a solution that is 100% customized to each and every businesses and their relevant departments, whilst being cost-effective and providing full support.

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Web Applications

We develop custom web applications & software solutions based on your specific needs. They are built to be user-friendly and optimized for best performance. Our latest website design and development projects completed for clients in various industries with diverse requirements.

Mobile Apps

Mobile and apps are our passion. It’s what we do. We provide integrated client-side and server-side development with a focus on user experience, design, scalability and long-term success.

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We have the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies
in the Sri Lanka and world wide.